Unique beers feature dessert-inspired flavors

Although young people are choosing to avoid drinking to excess, when they do imbibe they focus on quality over quantity. Special alcoholic beverages contribute to consumers' feeling of warranted indulgence, and unique products such as pickle beer, boozy jelly, glittery beverages, and brews based on favorite desserts pique their interest.


Two New York state-based companies, Carvel ice cream and bakery shop and Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., collaborated to produce Fudgie the Beer. The 6% ABV stout is inspired by Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake, featuring the brand’s signature chocolate crunchies and fudge in the brewing process. The partners released a YouTube video showing Fudgie the Whale itself helping out with the production, and the brewery also offered Fudgie the Beer stout milkshakes in celebration of Father’s Day. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has also produced beer collaborations.


Just in time for summer, California-based Temescal Brewing released a Push Pop IPA. The 6.6% ABV Creamsicle beverage features vanilla beans, lactose, peach purée, citrus zest, and Motueka and Southern Passion hops for a flavor reminiscent of the classic ice cream treat it is named after. The brewery’s cans, including the Push Pop IPA and its other flavors such as New Feeling and Zig Zag, are in colorful, almost retro-style cans similar to those by LaCroix and other popular sparkling water beverages.


At Kentucky-based Braxton Brewing Co.’s second location, Braxton Labs, the brand experiments with unique flavors. One of their recent innovations is the Peach Cobbler Berliner Weisse. The 4.2% ABV beer combines peach puree, Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans, graham cracker, and cinnamon to create the dessert-inspired flavor. Along with being creative, the Braxton Labs brews are offered in very limited quantities, appealing to young people’s desire for limited edition items. The Labs location also hosts special events and features rare beers on tap from other small breweries.