Tech-forward experiential dining 

As today’s food-obsessed young consumers prioritize spending in this category, they continue to search for ways to collect more share-worthy and exceptional experiences around the art of food. Correspondingly, multi-sensory dining experiences that seamlessly combine food and tech are emerging to meet this desire.


The interdisciplinary minds behind the art collective teamlab created a multi-sensory dining experience in Tokyo that reflects the broad spectrum of sensory beauty in Japanese culture. Real-time projections, which span the walls and tables of the installation, interact with both the plated food and the ceramic dishware it’s housed in, creating an environment that satiates the senses at every level. The highly exclusive eatery, which only accommodates eight visitors a day, offers the type of exceptional experience young consumers seek as they choose to Go Big Or Go Home when it comes to socializing IRL.


Bay Area-based KoJa Kitchen, a chain of fast-casual Korean-Japanese fusion restaurants, is testing an interactive concept bar at its new location in Sacramento, CA. The concept’s downstairs space, which gleams with glossy white materials and touchscreen surfaces, offers patrons the ability to interactively order and customize their beverages, play games, and browse apps while they socialize and imbibe. Despite the proliferation of touchscreens, KoJa’s franchise owner feels that the intersection of food and technology will encourage a social atmosphere that fits the evolved needs of young tastemakers.


While the use of projection is becoming a trend for restaurants who offer a more interactive dining experience, U.K.-based Dinner Time Story uses that technology for an immersive approach to theatrical storytelling rather than gimmicks. Guests at Dinner Time Story’s pop-up restaurant are treated to a 90-minute experience titled Le Petit Chef - In The Footsteps of Marco Polo, a tabletop show-cum-dinner wherein a 3D miniature chef acts as a guide for a Silk Road-inspired culinary tour. The physical food that is served simultaneously reflects the chef’s virtual adventures.