Skincare products incorporate fungi ingredients

The beauty industry is turning typical ingredients topsy-turvy: rather than an injectable solution, collagen is being infused into edible bars and beverages and mushrooms are being transformed from an edible superfood into a topical skincare ingredient.


In its second collaboration with leading integrative medical practitioner Dr. Andrew Weil, Origins launched a Mega-Mushroom line. The products, including lotion, eye serum, and face cleanser, feature varieties such as reishi, cordyceps, and chaga mushrooms. These types of mushrooms are popular in superfood beverages to help the body from the inside out, and Origins proffers that their presence in this skincare line helps to fight environmental toxins in the air, reduce redness, and hydrate and soothe the skin. The products retail for £29 to £52.


The tremella fuciformis mushroom, or snow mushroom, can hold 500 times its weight in water, so its use as the star ingredient in a new skin serum is intended to be incredibly hydrating. Volition Beauty, a personal care company that co-creates products with its community of real people, launched the Snow Mushroom Water Serum not just to hydrate skin but to also minimize redness and the appearance of pores, boost collagen production, and more. These benefits come with a $62 price tag for one fluid ounce and adds the serum to the growing array of fancy water-based beauty products.


The aptly named Beauty Shroom line recently launched by Moon Juice features reishi and tremella fuciformis sporocarp (silver ear) mushrooms in a plumping jelly serum, an exfoliant, and a powder collagen supplement. The brand is known for such supplements, but this is its first topical skincare line. The products are meant to boost hydration, reduce inflammation, and offset damage done by oxidatives. The line was inspired by Moon Juice’s founder, who realized when she reached her thirties that she wanted to begin doing a skincare routine but was turned off by the ingredient list on popular products.