Data-based fashion initiatives transform the online shopping experience

85% of youth in the U.S. and 76% in the UK consider developing a personal style to be part of their personal growth, as explored in Cassandra’s Betterment Report. The following startups are directly addressing this priority by combining the power of A.I. with real-time fashion trends to help modern consumers nail their style down to a science.


Donde Search (which started as a consumer-facing style search app before pivoting to a business-facing visual search platform) partnered with Forever 21 to launch Discover Your Style, effectively expanding the fast fashion retailer’s online search capabilities. With this A.I.-powered visual search tool, customers could shop as they would in stores—undeterred by confusing merchandiser language found in online product descriptions—and reduce the number of steps to checkout, which modern youth consider a serious e-commerce pain point. Since launching Discover Your Style with Forever 21 last year, Donde Search has closed $6.5 million in Series A investment and is currently developing pilot programs with other retailers.


Earlier last year, Trendage launched a business-facing product recommendation platform powered by visual search, artificial intelligence, and crowdsourced fashion trends. The platform’s technology generates over 10 million apparel, accessories, and footwear styling recommendations before suggesting styles that are most suited for the retailer’s target shopper, which are filtered by age and region. Trendage also has a consumer-facing application: users can play Trendage’s Style Challenge, where they upload a selfie and virtually recreate themselves as an avatar—complete with a body type that matches their own—before engaging in a styling game. One-third of young consumers consider shopping to be entertainment, and Trendage’s offerings speak to this preference while also helping retailers boost order value and conversion.


Frustrated by the process of hunting down clothes and accessories displayed in social media posts, Jessie Zeng developed Choosy, an A.I.-powered shopping platform that scans social media to identify popular styles of clothing and accessories. Users who spot items they’d like to have tag that social post with #GetChoosy. Once the platform’s A.I. and internal style scouts search the hashtag to identify the requested styles, Choosy then designs five trending pieces twice a week that consumers can then purchase. Once a customer places an order, the pieces are delivered within two weeks. Even as the brand redefines fast fashion and stays on top of the latest fashion trends, Choosy’s made-to-order styles additionally eliminate excess clothing waste.

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