Beer brands give back during quarantine

Alcohol sales are soaring amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, but so too are the creative ways in which brands in the vertical are giving back. These beer brands are doing just that by providing fun ways for quarantined consumers to nab free booze and get their beer buzz on.


Affordable light beer brand Natural Light is providing practical financial assistance for cash-strapped consumers. Natty Light partnered with TaxAct to give a rebate for a case of its beer to consumers who file their taxes via TaxAct by the extended July 15th national tax deadline. Those who wish to nab their free beer need to upload the receipt from their beer purchase to NaturalLight.com (participants must be 21+). While this offer is open to all consumers, Natty Light is specifically targeting Millennials and Gen Zs of a legal drinking age. These two demographics are particularly vulnerable to financial stress; indeed, Cassandra has found that 69% of Ys in the U.S. and UK are often stressed about finances, more so than any other generation.


To mitigate at least some of the overarching duress all consumers are feeling during the Covid-19 pandemic, Coors Light is gifting deserving consumers a free six pack of its beer. The initiative was born after a photograph of a 93-year-old woman holding a sign that read “I need more beer!” started circulating online. In response, Coors sent the woman 10 free cases of its beer, which in turn prompted the brand to think how else it could possibly spread the love. As a result, anyone who is in need of a nice beer buzz can tweet @CoorsLight and explain why they #CouldUseABeer, as well as nominate someone else who might deserve this treat. (Again, participants must be 21+.)


As we explored in The Mental Health Perspective (part of our Life Interrupted: Cassandra Special Edition Report series), many of today’s youth are experiencing a lack of closure due to missed milestone events, shifting their mindset from FOMO ("fear of missing out") to NOMO ("no moments"). Weddings are just one example of events that are being cancelled in light of Covid-19, but beer brand Busch is trying to help couples who have had to forgo their big day: the brand hosted a social media contest wherein participants could enter to win a year’s worth of Busch by posting how they’re celebrating—in lieu of their cancelled ceremonies—to Instagram or Twitter under the hashtags #BuschWeddingGift and #Sweepstakes.