Young adults from around the globe talk about Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we introduce you to a few members of our International Cassandra Collective. Representing 20+ countries, such as Mexico, Spain, South Africa, and Singapore, these teens and young adults explore cross-industry themes, reveal local trends, and help paint a picture of the culture in their home market. This community offers deeper international insight into the influences and lifestyles among today’s–and tomorrow’s–young consumers. Cassandra recently tapped into our International Collective to learn how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world.


A 21-year-old female Trendsetter from Japan shared with Cassandra, “Valentine's Day is quite big in Japan, but I think what's interesting is that our homogenous culture is really reflected here. There is a strong belief that it is a day where women give gifts to men (not only to their partner, but also to someone they like so it's also a popular day for girls to ask boys to be their boyfriends). The gifts are usually chocolates and of course many stores provide chocolate gift boxes, but handmade chocolates and cookies are more well-thought-out and loving. That is why many girls spend a lot of time making them from scratch and students bring them to school to hand them out to friends and their crushes. There is also White Day in March where men give gifts to women.”


A 20-year-old female Trendsetter from UAE told Cassandra, “We do not openly celebrate Valentine's Day in our region. However, a lot of stores offer couples' discounts during the first two weeks of February. Food joints & cafes come up with Valentine's Day-themed desserts and drinks.”


A 21-year-old trendsetting male from Mexico told Cassandra, “I’m from Mexico and I remember when I was in high school there was a trend where a lot of students used this day to ask the person they liked if they wanted to be a couple. In Mexico, we are friends and with little details we can express that we care about each other."

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