Exploring what’s new and exciting in the exercise industry

In our Picture of Health study, Cassandra reported on how young people are enjoying exercise ‘snacks’ throughout their school and work day right from home. Whether they’re fitting in a sweat sesh over lunch, or even working out right from their seat, many Millennials and Gen Z are finding new ways to get into shape. Read below to learn about three workouts young people are fans of.


While running tours aren’t necessarily new, they’ve earned many more fans since the start of the pandemic. With gyms and classes shut down, people turned to the outdoors to get their fitness on–in fact, the app MapMyRun saw a 65% increase in runs logged in 2020 compared to previous years. In the U.K., personal trainer Ed Conway is blending exercise and art with this architectural running tours through London, leading joggers on scenic outings to admire brutalist and modern designs. He also has an online exercise platform, FIT AS F-CK, which was cited by Vogue as one of the "the best home workouts" to try during lockdown.


FaceGym is the “first of its kind and a unique facial fitness experience.” Described as a non-invasive, face-lifting solution, FaceGym helps tone and treat facial muscles using kneading techniques and their own line of skincare products. Meet with a master trainer for online classes, 1-2-1 workouts, and even in-person studio appointments in Los Angeles, New York City, and the U.K. FaceGym is currently collaborating with SoulCycle for a pop-up in Bridgehampton, NY. From multi-sculpt to full face HIIT, this is the definition of high-performance skincare.


Former Broadway actress Sarrah Strimel is pioneering a new type of yoga. Blending deep breathing, vocals, and vinyasa practice, Strimel strives for her sing-along-yoga classes to allow for a meaningful release. Strimel explains, “it’s important to me to really allow one person’s voice to be heard that maybe has never let it be heard before and they could walk out of this experience feeling like a superstar.” Also, check out her signature class for Project by Equinox, Damn Good Yoga.