The latest Cassandra Report – all about Gen Z values – is here

Today, Cassandra is releasing our Re(value)ation report, exclusively available to clients. As we examine Gen Z values and uncover what (if anything at all) matters to them in 2022, we’ll explore the implications as this generation breaks down and restructures society as we know it. Out with the old; in with the new. Ahead, three examples of ways brands are incorporating Gen Z values into their campaigns.


Gen Z wants to see their values reflected in (and opinions respected by) brands. Ahead of Toms launch for its ‘Mallow' shoe – the brand’s first shoe specifically targeted at Gen Z – Toms partnered with young creators known for their advocacy for racial justice and intersectional feminism. Rather than shying away from taking a stand or making a statement, the brand leaned into it with the help of young activists like Gabrielle Richardson (also known as @fridacashflow) and Candace Reels.


Hyper-aware of the confusing times that are causing us to rethink currency, crypto exchange FTX leaned into the society-wide trend of questioning everything. The company’s Super Bowl crypto ad acknowledged their products’ consumer hesitancy and future unknowns. In a rather brilliant move, it starred Larry David, an active spokesperson against crypto, which felt metaconscious as it opens up space for crypto discourse.


The online rental marketplace has clearly been taking notes on what young people are looking for as priorities shift (and work policies continue to relax). In response to the demand for flexibility and a nature-forward focus, Airbnb is making a play for nomadic Gen Z and Millennials by emphasizing long-term rentals, amping up stricter WiFi speed requirements, and adding nature-forward features like “tiny homes,” “beachfront,” and “tree houses.”

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