Gen Z goes on vacation

Spring break 2022 is in full swing. After several years of canceled events and surges in you-know-what, Gen Z is finally going on a well-deserved vacation. With shifting priorities, youth are taking on the rite-of-passage holiday their way. Today, we’re talking vices (or lack of) and must-have looks as we spotlight Gen Zs long-awaited spring break.


We know youth today isn’t so much into drinking, but what about the classic boozy event that is spring break? Research conducted this month discovered that almost half of Gen Z (between the ages of 18 and 24) will not be drinking any alcohol this spring break. Interestingly, Gen Z from Arkansas and Delaware indicate at the highest rate that they'll be celebrating spring break sober, with over 2 in 3 saying their plans are booze-free. As youth shift priorities and rethink what has been classically known as an alcohol-filled celebration, how future spring breaks might look is already beginning to take form.


The price tag to travel is skyrocketing as inflation, coupled with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, brings all costs up. With gas prices specifically reaching record highs in many states, this road trip-heavy holiday still doesn’t appear to be slowing down as highly motivated Gen Z takes a break. In Cassandra’s travel report, we uncover that almost 3 in 4 trendsetting youth say they feel more fulfilled when spending money on travel vs. other purchases. So, it’s no surprise that pandemic savings are now turning into much-needed travel budgets as prices everywhere trend up.


Swimsuit brands featured in the fashion-defining show of the year, Euphoria, are getting some significant traffic ahead of spring break. Barbie Ferreira got over 2 million Instagram likes as she wore a size-inclusive Dos Swim set, with Sydney Sweeney’s on-screen pink suit almost instantly building a 500 person waitlist as viewers sell out the look. Season 2 of the beloved HBO series might be over, but expect to see major Euphoria-inspired swimwear looks as Gen Z takes the show's fire aesthetic off-screen.

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