The latest Cassandra report – all about sustainability – is here

Today, Cassandra is releasing our If You’re Reading This, It’s (Not?) Too Late Report, exclusively available to clients. Brands talk big talk when it comes to sustainability, but despite all the flashy press releases and ESG initiatives, there’s staggeringly little groundbreaking change happening, even though, as we get into in our report, that's precisely what consumers want. Ahead, three examples of ways brands are making real strides when it comes to sustainability.


Despite an out-there CEO and founder, Tesla had a record year selling at an 87% increase YoY in 2021. With many factors coming into play – such as actual control over their supply chains – one key element of Tesla’s success is desirable branding in a space that feels as if there is a lack of branding overall. Tesla has made owning an EV vehicle positively aspirational. As traditional car companies drag their feet and make clean vehicles in an effort to simply meet regulations, Tesla has designed an EV car consumers actually want to buy.


Not only has Reformation published a play-by-play handbook on how they’re going climate positive by 2025 (yes, that says positive, and yes, by 2025), but the popular clothing brand has also gone as far as to share a “How to be Climate Positive Business” guide to help other businesses take the first steps. However, all this effort doesn’t mean they’re pushing aside the work to be done after their backlash over DEI these past years. Instead, they’re looking to combine their DEI efforts with their climate plan. As Chief Sustainability Officer Kathleen Talbot puts it, “we’re up to the challenge even if that means it’s going to get messy sometimes.”


Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, pledged $20 million to his foundation to encourage young people to work on climate solutions over the next decade. Here's how it works: every year, 20 climate fellows between the ages of 18 and 23 will each receive a $100K grant, along with support from the foundation's network of founders, investors, and partners to work on climate solutions. Ohanian's focus is immediate action and problem-solving. In his own words: "This is a huge, huge problem. We need the energy of the builders. We need our best and brightest minds."