the latest cassandra report – all about cannabis – is here

Today, Cassandra is releasing our Seeing Green cannabis report, exclusively available to clients.

Inside the report, we’ll examine Gen Z and Millennials’ behaviors and mindsets around cannabis. We’ll also explore when, how, and why young people are (or aren’t) consuming weed. One rather timely data point worth noting: This year, nearly 50% of surveyed young adults plan to celebrate 4/20 - which is, as you've probably already noticed, today.

On that note, we're also bringing you the latest episode of the Cassandra Podcast. Joining us is Kate Miller, the co-founder and CEO of Miss Grass, a brand on a mission to help the world get good at weed. In this conversation, Kate talks with Cassandra SVP Kathy Sheehan about Gen Z’s attitude around cannabis culture, how the industry is evolving as more states move to legalization, and other key highlights from Cassandra's cannabis report. Listen here!