Po(u)ring over coffee trends that resonate with youth today

What better way to kick off the week than by talking about everyone's favorite fuel? Whether it is iced or hot, made with an espresso maker or whipped up with a french press, coffee is a fundamental part of our morning routines – and the pandemic has spiked Gen Z's interest in brewing their own in the comfort of home. (Just peek at TikTok’s #coffee hashtag, which has more than 28 billion views.) So today, we’re taking a look at some of the innovations happening in this space, from subscription services to Gen Z-operated drive-ups. Grab yourself a cuppa and jump in.


With so many options on the market, it’s getting harder and harder to choose which coffee bean to buy. Trade Coffee has uncovered a solution to the craving for variety, convenience, and quality. Using a taste profiling test and taking into consideration your favorite way to brew (classic coffee maker, French press, etc.), Trade recommends different kinds of coffee locally sourced from roasters around the U.S. and delivers freshly roasted grounds or whole beans right to your doorstep. Flexible and customizable by nature, this subscription service is one to keep an eye on as counter-trends – like Panera's new program that incentivizes buying coffee (and other drinks) on the go – take hold.


Emma Chamberlain isn't the only Gen Z dabbling in the coffee biz (though we can't wait to buy her coffee from GoPuff). Diego Rojas, 19, is the proud operator of Joe's Coffee Shop in Albany, CA. This young caffeine enthusiast saw an opportunity to take over a tiny drive-up shop in front of a local Target and jumped on it. Growing up with a mother who owned a coffee shop, Diego already knew the business – so he skipped college and is instead focusing on creating a convenient on-the-go spot for Albany drivers to get their coffee fix. He uses high-quality beans sourced from local roasters and serves up an Italian-style coffee menu. The endeavor has been so successful that he’s thinking about expanding in the future.


Yet another Gen Z-owned coffee brand is the community-focused Couplet Coffee, which happens to be both LGBTQ+ and woman-owned. Besides selling quality coffee (and really good merch), the brand hosts diverse events, creating a safe space for people to be themselves and connect. By really knowing and celebrating their community – including how they talk, as well as what products and programming they’re interested in – they have become an authentic voice in a space of stereotypically stuffy coffee connoisseurs. Couplet sets out to “make coffee fun and approachable," as they state on their website, we think they’re doing just that. (Also, we cannot explain how much we need that cow Moka pot.)