A look at the emerging men’s skincare market

With Father’s Day on the horizon, we figured there’s no better time than now to investigate one of the biggest expanding categories for men: skincare. The men’s personal care market in the U.S. alone brought in more than $9 billion in 2021, with an estimated 9.1% annual growth rate from 2022 to 2030. Talk about a glow up! In the last few months, there’s been a handful of buzzy launches in this space as brands try to claim their share of the market. Here, three that have caught our eye.


How do you get men interested in skincare? For DTC brand Geologie, the answer lies in the metaverse. In an effort to meet their customers where they spend time, the company launched a “Zelda” meets “Star Wars” experience as part of their Web3-forward marketing strategy, which also includes live-streaming events on Twitch and community building on Discord. Their metaverse experience, called Geologie Galaxy, encourages users to navigate through a virtual world filled with stars, mushrooms, and, yes, skincare products. While playing the game, users are educated on proper skincare routines by characters like “Retinol King” and “Twin Face Wash Magi.”


Looking to further position themselves as a leader in the global skincare space, Japanese beauty giant Shiseido is launching a new offshoot targeted at young men in Asia. Called Sidekick, the line is specifically aimed at consumers in China, “where the men’s cosmetics market is booming” and will target Gen Z, a “market whose growth rate is particularly high,” the company said in a statement. The initial drop – which includes five different face washes, plus a sheet mask, lotion, and moisturizer in bold, sleek packaging – went on sale at Shiseido’s Tokyo concept shop last week and will debut on e-commerce in July.


Edgewell Personal Care has deep experience in the men’s grooming industry, as the owner of Jack Black and Bulldog, both of which market themselves as skincare for men. When it came time to think about launching a product line aimed at Gen Z men, they conducted research with the cohort and learned that two-thirds of men ages 16-24 were interested in genderless beauty products. With that insight in mind, Edgewell created Fieldtrip, a genderless collection of seven products designed around the concept of “a modern explorer,” complete with map imagery and latitude and longitude references on the packaging.