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The Great Vacation is upon us…and it’s off to a messy start. Despite record-high gas prices, rental car shortages, and unheard-of flight cancellations, revenge travel is real – and no one is more into it than Millennials and their Gen Alpha offspring. In our latest report, The 2022 Summer Travel Bulletin, we journey through what you need to know as consumers hit the road and here, we’re offering a sneak peek of the report with three compelling ways brands are appealing to Millennial parents and their Alpha kids.


Gaming is a fundamental part of the relationship between Millennial parents and their Alpha children, so Moxy Hotels by Marriott has the focus in the right place with its “Play Beyond” activation. The hotel chain is gamifying the vacation experience using AR technology to create a sort of treasure hunt that rewards participants when they explore the installations. The feature is accessible by scanning a QR code with a smartphone at check-in and allows players to create avatars and place them in the virtual version of the hotel. This initiative is available in 12 different locations of the hotel chain in the Asia Pacific region through Dec 31st.


Great Wolf Lodge, a chain of indoor water park resorts, launched a new campaign called “Strengthen The Pack” that showcases the resort as an ultimate destination for family bonding. By capitalizing on the newly-found closeness that families achieved through spending so much time together during the pandemic, the spot highlights the team dynamic that Millennials have within their “pack” and how the waterpark is the best place for creating memories and solidifying their bond.


Like many of the best inventions, GoWhee app was founded out of necessity when Maud Maciak found herself in need of kid-friendly activities while traveling abroad with little ones. GoWhee functions as a database of age-appropriate activities and services around the globe vetted by other parents — or as they call them, travel ambassadors – that facilitate the resources necessary to have an amazing experience with the little ones no matter where they are during their vacation. The travel app’s interactive world map is constantly being updated with new vacation-worthy stops for the whole family.