The Wellness cards earning you cashback for your lunchtime salad

Whether starting a new gym routine or revamping eating habits, physical and mental fitness is top of mind for younger generations, especially as 68% of young people spend more time thinking about their overall wellness routine. As Cassandra reported within our Fresh Face of Self-Expression report, today’s young people are also more open when it comes to verbalizing their struggles and asking for help and resources when needed. Tapping into research from neurologists on financial incentives' impact on a person’s ability to create and stick to healthy habits, financial services brands are creating tailored programs to reward good health. Ahead, a slate of these new credit cards aiming to make good health its own reward.


For those that spend more money on health and wellness than travel, Ness might be for you. The newly introduced premium health and wellness credit card powered by Mastercard rewards cardholders with points and benefits from favorite brands like Sweetgreen, Parsley Health, and Exhale Spa. Additionally, Ness Card members get five times the points for purchases at healthy merchants, including restaurants, grocery stores, beauty supply stores, gyms, and more. They can also receive a $200 Annual Healthy Credit.

- Seth, 16, PA (Cassandra Collective)


    In what started as a health and wellness rewards platform that provides financial incentives for working out, Paceline has evolved to offer the Paceline credit card rewarding its members’ healthy habits with 5% unlimited cash back on health and wellness purchases at grocery stores, pharmacies, gyms, and more when they work out weekly (hitting 150 minutes of elevated heart rate). When members hit their workout streak, which is tracked using wearables such as an Apple Watch or Fitbit, they also earn 3% unlimited cash back for all other eligible purchases.

    - Janelle, 23, NV (Cassandra Collective)


      KrowdFit wants to make its customers “wealthier” by recognizing and rewarding healthy behaviors with cash giveaways when they achieve specific health wins on a linked wellness device. (For instance, this might look like clocking eight hours of sleep or doing 30 minutes of physical activity daily). The KrowdFit credit card amplifies these perks with a premium KrowdFit membership, a Calm Premium subscription, and access to its library of meditations and Sleep Stories. The brand keeps users engaged by increasing the giveaway value as the platform gains more users.