A peek into the motherload of topics buzzing at Cassandra this week.

With 94% of Gen Zs planning to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, Cassandra interrupts our regular Friday programming to bring you a special edition of TWIVN, dedicated to those maternal figures who play a significant role in our lives.

For Gen Z, Mother's Day celebrations this year include various activities, such as giving flowers (56%), going out to dinner (49%), or simply spending quality time together as a family. However, that may not be exactly what mom wants. While still a small cohort, only 28% of Gen Z moms say they really want flowers to celebrate the day. Their wishes for Mother’s Day reflect the larger contours and textures of the generation as a whole - they are much more likely to say they would want time to themselves (32%, + 11 from all moms) or indulge in self-care such as a massage (28%, +10).

In addition, although we're seeing more brands opt out of Mother’s Day marketing this year, there is still some significant ‘mom moment’ discourse across the socials this week, so let's dig in.

And, for more ‘mom moments’ - Cassandra members may check out our recently released Parents On Board report, as well as the full details of our Mother’s Day survey.


Introducing the Mother of All Savings Memberships campaign, Cardi B, Stephanie Beatriz, Janelle James, and Jenny Slate shared some of their favorite parenting hacks across Instagram to promote that the mega-retailer will give up to 20,000 free Walmart+ memberships to moms who give birth in hospitals nationwide during May.

As reported by CafeMom, the memberships feature benefits like unlimited grocery delivery from a local store, returns from home, and great deals on shipping, which no doubt is one membership every mom needs.


Although 84% of Millennial parents agree that today's world is scarier than when they were a child, and 76% worry about a lot of things that their parents didn't, some parents over in Chattanooga, Tennessee, seem to be worried about even the most innocuous of holidays whereby the librarian at a local elementary school hit the headlines this week when her idea for a Mother’s Day-themed book reading lesson came under sudden and heavy fire from worried parents in the area.

The saga started when a notice to parents explained that the lesson would be sensitive to the fact that not all students live with a mother and instead will celebrate those who aren’t mothers but “fill the motherly roles in our lives."

Moms for Liberty — which is known for getting books banned across the country sprung into action, firing up parents in the area who complained and subsequently the lesson - and books were deemed unsuitable.


Seventy-one percent of Gen Z moms and 80% of Millennial moms agree that being a parent is an essential part of their own identity, so when it comes to watching their kids grow up and sending them into the big wide world, it's a bittersweet moment. To capture that notion, a new campaign from Teleflora called “The Hardest Part: A Teleflora Love Story” looks at Mother’s Day through a different lens. While the ad, which has currently amassed 7M views on YouTube, celebrates the bonds between mothers and their children—it turns the focus on the challenge and void in moms' hearts that lies ahead after the days and years have flown by.