Intro — Bringing Culture into Focus

Bringing Culture into Focus

We were going to name this report, Everything, Everywhere, All at Once…but a certain Oscar award-winning movie beat us to it! But the idea still works when it comes to the way Gen Z lean into culture from every angle.

Around the world, the way Gen Z create, receive, and impact culture has changed significantly. In the past, we have spoken about culture as if it were on a pendulum, swinging back and forth from a global focus to domestic focus and back again. Today, like so many other things, culture no longer exists within a binary for young people. Thanks to technology (read: TikTok), Gen Z are living in an age where cultural reference points come at them from global, national, and hyper-local perspectives with the same speed and level of importance.

Gen Z easily adjust their culture viewing lens to switch focus between these different perspectives and hold space for all of them.

They also play one against the other. For instance, Gen Z is adept at looking at global culture through their local cultural lens - the source is global, but the application can be specific… all the way down to your hometown.

In this post-global context, Gen Z works with a myriad of lenses and chooses how, when, and where to focus to make sense of the world.

As much as influences such as music, television, and movies have had on culture – and don’t get us wrong, they have had significant influence - social media has completely altered the very concept of culture for Gen Zs.

Read on as Cassandra opens the aperture on Global Gen Zs and focuses in on what this post-global context means for culture, business, and society around the world.