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Gimme Fiction

09 Oct 2015
New Modes Of Fiction Publishing Engage Modern Readers

Getting Personal

08 Oct 2015
Personalized Packaging Takes Off Across Consumer Categories

Decision Time

07 Oct 2015
Apps Help Consumers Simplify Life Choices

Travel The (Virtual) World

06 Oct 2015
New Marketing Initiatives Simulate Globetrotting

The Cassandra Report: Ages & Stages

06 Oct 2015
Our Latest Study, On Modern Youth’S Assumption Of Adulthood, Is Now Available

Closet Cleanout

05 Oct 2015
Clothing Resale Platforms Take Off

First Fridays: Brian Frumberg, Founder, VentureOut

02 Oct 2015
Q+A With An Entrepreneur Helping International Startups Launch In The U.s.

Control Room

01 Oct 2015
One-Button Remotes Are Revolutionizing The Home

The Fast And The Herbivorous

30 Sep 2015
New Vegetarian Eateries Look To Disrupt The Fast Food Industry

A Special Cassandra Announcement

29 Sep 2015
Introducing The New Cassandra Report Web Platform!

Outta Sight

28 Sep 2015
Forward-Thinking Eyewear Companies Shake Up The Vision Industry

Monthly Roundup: September 2015

25 Sep 2015
Highlights From The Past Month That You May Have Missed...

Thanks A Million

24 Sep 2015
Apps Make Tipping Transactions Simple


23 Sep 2015
Brands Are Creating Custom Photo Filters

They See Me Rollin’

22 Sep 2015
Shops Specializing In Ice Cream Rolls Are Proliferating In Nyc

Capital Games

21 Sep 2015
New Digital Game Innovations Riff On Fantasy Leagues

Safety First

18 Sep 2015
New Cycling Accessories Improve Bike Safety

Garden Variety

17 Sep 2015
Living, Growing Containers Give Houseplants A Home

Sweet Emojins

16 Sep 2015
Brands Are Engaging Consumers With Clever Emoji Use

Executive Decision

15 Sep 2015
New Services Handle Decision-Making For Users

Gotta Get A Message to You

14 Sep 2015
New Messaging Services Boast Unique Utilities

First Fridays: Derek Flanzraich, CEO & Founder of Greatist

11 Sep 2015
Q+A With A Fitness, Health, And Happiness Leader

Best Made Plans

10 Sep 2015
Apps Take The Pain Out Of Planning Group Activities

Cassandra Report Digest: Gen Y Hacks The Traditional Healthcare System

09 Sep 2015
Research And Insights From The Latest Cassandra Report