We’re Cassandra.

As cultural strategists and business intelligence experts, we anticipate consumer-driven market shifts by understanding trendsetting young people. Our work anticipates these shifts so companies are primed for what’s happening now and next, and prepare brands for the future.

For nearly 20 years (before “Millennials” became a buzzword), Cassandra has worked with brands to tap into young consumer mindsets that hold the keys to their future. And now, backed by data-driven marketing powerhouse, Engine Group, our impact is greater than ever.

We Anticipate Industry Shifts

We understand that unmatched foresight uncovers new opportunities and keeps brands at the cusp of innovation. Through our scientific approach, we analyze young consumers and trendsetters to quantify where change is actually happening in the marketplace.

We See Tomorrow®

With constantly shifting, ever-evolving, and fracturing attitudes and values of young consumers, simply keeping up is not enough. Adapting to trends as they come leaves companies too focused on now and not what’s next. At Cassandra, we empower our clients to know when change is coming, what it is, how young people are adapting, and what brands should do about it. We believe that to understand youth is to See Tomorrow.

Our Team

  • Kathy Sheehan

    SVP, Cassandra

    Trends Maven

  • Chanon Cook


    Media Mastermind

  • Michael Corti

    VP, Business Development

    Problem Solver

  • Kade Hall

    Director, Insights & Research


  • Danie Hemsley

    Director, Research Strategy

    Human Truth Detective

  • Carly Ettinger

    Senior Analyst, Insights

    Culture Queen

  • Victoria Salomón

    Project Coordinator

    Geek Insider

  • Alexandra Lobo


    Aesthetic Savant

  • Alejandra Zelaya

    Senior Analyst

    Branding Boss

  • Josh Howard

    Sr. Director Design & Digital

    Instagram Master