Understand The Why

Cassandra is a youth-focused consumer insights company dedicated to identifying emerging movements in popular culture and translating that information into relevant knowledge for companies, brands, and institutions.

We help clients extend their knowledge well beyond the “what” to a more in-depth understanding of the “why” behind consumers’ preferences, behaviors, and consumption patterns.

Cassandra converts consumer insights into the types of implications and recommendations that make a tangible difference in clients’ efforts to engage young consumers. With our guidance, consumer insights lead to deeper emotional connections, stronger engagement, and more effective marketing.

Our unparalleled business foresight positions clients at the cusp of innovation. Our ability to predict major cultural shifts and identify the intersection of these shifts across verticals allows us to unlock critical business opportunities ahead of the competition, empowering the world’s leading companies to build better businesses and more innovative brands.

Let’s work together!

Clients Leverage Cassandra in Five Different Ways:

Cassandra Membership — Ongoing Insights & Trend Forecasting

Access to the Cassandra Report®, the leading syndicated study of the behaviors, mindsets, and emerging preferences of youth. Includes primary quantitative and qualitative research as well as future-forward analyses and point of view.


Cassandra Collective — A Trendsetter Network at Your Fingertips

    Our exclusive, always-on, online community of passionate Millennials and Gen Zs who are available for bespoke qualitative research.


    Cassandra Custom Solutions — Bespoke Research and Consulting

      Our bespoke research and consulting service helps clients meet the challenge of engaging young consumers within their specific category or business.


      Cassandra Live — Workshops, Presentations, and Ideations

      We can also package our insights, trends, and data into workshops, presentations, and ideation sessions that inform, excite, and motivate.


        Cassandra Daily — Daily Newsletter and Podcast

        A daily newsletter and monthly podcast designed to keep our clients and followers up to date regarding need-to-know trends, cultural currents, and important developments across lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, technology, and media.



          The days of siloed thinking and parallel work streams are over.
          Complex, multi-faceted advertising challenges require multi-discipline collaboration from the onset. While others remain stuck in the trenches of their own experience, we’re built to challenge our own thinking by bringing the full range of services, insights, creative, media, and adtech under one roof. Divergent perspectives are interwoven throughout our process to unlock unexpected opportunities.

          We’re not peddling narrow solutions to small problems. We’re here to solve the big ones.