Whether you are a nimble, innovative company or a household name, we have the solutions to prepare your brand for tomorrow. If you don’t see the perfect solution, we can work together to create one that works.

Cassandra Membership, widely known as “The Cassandra Report,” provides you access to the leading syndicated study of mindsets and emerging preferences of young consumers to anticipate future market trends.

Strategy Solutions, partner with Cassandra cultural strategists to solve specific brand problems.

Research Solutions, progressive insights-mining methodologies to drive forward-thinking brand strategy.


Empowering Leaders to Think Ahead

The world’s most successful and innovative companies choose a Cassandra Membership to continually anticipate and capitalize on key cultural shifts before they happen and drive consistent brand growth. The hallmark of a membership is a 12-month engagement with our quarterly Cassandra report, the leading syndicated study of the behaviors, mindsets, and preferences of young consumers.

Get Access

Get access to our proprietary Cassandra reports via our digital platform including strategy support, webinars, influencer events, and newsletters exclusive to clients on the Cassandra platform.

Partner Up

In addition to providing tailored on-boarding sessions for your team, we will serve as your partner to interpret the latest insights, strategies, and action items that matter most for your business.

Dive Deep

Keep your company at the forefront of shifting trends with our continuously updated knowledge bank of more than 300 macrotrends and 2,000 unique data tables and charts.

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Strategy Solutions

We believe staying ahead the conversation means translating young consumer insights into actionable strategies. Cassandra’s future-forward strategic solutions are designed to interpret the shifting cultural landscape and address specific market, brand, and product objectives.


Bring Cassandra to your business and spark new ways of thinking and innovative strategies with a live, in-person signature presentation that brings to life relevant insights and trends to your brand, providing a cultural analysis and recommendation on what to do next. 

Cassandra Live presentations highlight the values and attitudes of young consumers. Weaving together relevant research, insights, data, and marketplace examples, these presentations bring to life the story of today’s youth in unexpected ways and drive actionable brand and business strategies with teams from all levels. Choose between an Executive, a signature presentation or a custom analysis, each designed to drive cross discipline innovation by informing marketing, communications, product development, partnerships, and HR strategies.

Signature presentations include:

• Gen Y

• Gen Z • Gen Y vs. Z • Millennials in the Workplace • Millennial Moms • Modern Parents


Hit the town with Cassandra and experience cultural trends firsthand with live, in-person guided tours to relevant destinations where culture is brewing, including presentations and exclusive trendsetter and disruptor panel discussions.


Inform, inspire, and excite your business with our part grad class, part interactive workshop, all-in-one ideation sessions.

Customized around client-specific needs, our Cassandra Ideation solution packages relevant data and insights into immersive experiences with Cassandra experts, industry leaders, disruptors, and young consumers. Ideation sessions bring to life the values, mindsets, and attitudes of today’s youth while providing a cultural context through custom presentations, consumer panels, and ideations all in one, action-packed day designed to inform, inspire, and excite.

Research Solutions

We believe it takes a village to see change. That is why we constantly gather the most progressive and influential young minds to learn what they are thinking. Our Research Solutions provide a window into young minds and keep us flexible so nothing catches you off guard.


Ask the Trendsetters. Our Trendsetter Community brings together select influencers so you can tap into young consumers’ thoughts and opinions and obtain expedited results.

Get to know the Cassandra Trendsetter Community and form a deeper understanding of how emerging cultural trends are manifesting in the lives of young consumers and how their passion points connect with your brand. We conduct custom qualitative research with select groups of influencers that meet your age, gender, and diversity needs through a variety of activities including:

  • White Space ID— In-depth analysis of a business issue after a round of community engagement; typically to define the scope of upcoming quantitative research.
  • Consumer Panel— Customized recruitment of participants, discussion guide development, and moderation of panels.
  • Hives— Pop-up social networks, recruited from within our communities to your exact requirements, facilitated by ORC consultants and aimed at solving your business challenges through surveys, quick polls, video and photo diaries, and more.


Spark, shape, and strengthen with the Cassandra Incubator. We’ll create and pressure test a strategic learning plan for you with the help of our Trendsetter community and our strategy team.

Tap into the Cassandra Trendsetter Community to create a custom activity guide focused on a specific business need that can be turned around from field to report in less than two weeks. We use a 5-phased holistic approach and incorporate findings from each phase to deliver actionable and relevant results to your business.

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Join the Caravan and get on-demand, nationally representative studies of young consumers in no time at all.

With Caravan x Cassandra, we provide quick turnaround solutions for discovering the mindsets of young consumers that are relevant to you. Our on-demand, qualitative omnibus studies interview representative samples of 1,000 U.S. young people (ages 14-34), including 100 Cassandra Trendsetters and results are delivered to within 7 or 10 business days depending on your needs.


With our consulting solutions, we will combine our cultural knowledge, expertise, and teams across disciplines to provide a tailored offering to meet your specific needs.

Our fully customized offerings are designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. Create your own plan by choosing from any of our quantitative solutions including brand tracking, ad/concept testing, product and business development, segmentations, correspondence mapping, and CHAID and regression analysis. Additionally, Cassandra offers custom qualitative solutions including IDIs/Focus groups, ethnographies, and Pre/Post testing. 

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