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We empower Fortune 500 companies to see the future through trend forecasting, research, strategy, and brand consulting to drive innovation and stronger engagement with youth.

As the leading ongoing study of emerging trends, generational insights, and youth behavior for two decades, Cassandra is the foremost authority on Millennials and Gen Z.

Products and Services


Proprietary quantitative and qualitative research with youth and Trendsetters, including thematic macrotrends and marketplace examples that yield actionable insights and strategic marketing implications.

  • Quarterly report membership
  • Custom data breakouts & analysis


Custom research solutions based on clients’ challenges leveraging Cassandra knowledge of the youth mindset to provide keenly insightful results.

  • Custom quantitative and qualitative surveys
  • Omnibus surveys
  • Online communities
  • Trendsetter research


Custom consulting services showcasing relevant and actionable insights tailored to client needs and designed to drive cross-discipline innovation.

  • Ideation workshops
  • Strategic Presentations
  • Live youth consumer panels
  • HR & workplace consulting
  • Trend treks

Data and Methodology

Cultural Analysis

New trends are published daily, hundreds catalogued every year.

Quantitative Research

Nationally representative study of over 2,000 consumers and 600 Trendsetters ages 14 to 34 in the U.S. and UK.

Qualitative Research

Focus groups and in-depth qualitative studies among Millennial and Teen Z Trendsetters.

Trendsetter Community

Consult our invite-only community of 5,000 young Trendsetters.

Latest Report

The Self Made Report

Explore how Gen Ys and Zs are reshaping what it means to live, work, and pay and how companies can leverage new opportunities surrounding youth’s shifting definitions of success in these three key pillars.

Leverage young people’s love of one-of-a-kind, optimized living spaces by giving them ample opportunities for home customization

Personal Property

Create a sense of community young employees crave through strategic initiatives that promote an elevated university-like experience at work 

School of [Work]Life

Engage in the growing self-care movement by providing new products and services for relaxing and rejuvenating at home 

Nesting & Resting

Understand how Gen Ys and Zs have radically different views on financial security and how it affects their respective saving and spending habits 

The FUND-amentals

Client Testimonials

Live music has always been—and will continue to be—an indicator of a society's shifting values. In an effort to bring the most innovative live music experiences to fans and brands, Live Nation taps into The Cassandra Report's deep global insight. Their cutting-edge cultural trends and distinctive point-of-view help our organization maintain a "fan-first" culture.

Lisa Licht, CMO

The Cassandra Report is a must-have resource if you're interested in influential youth as an audience to win. In addition to rich quantitative data insights, they uncover the cultural trends, attitudes, and lifestyles of Millennials and Gen Z. It's a critical tool to have in your kit as a marketer.

Justin Oliver, Product Marketing Manager

I always feel smarter, more in-the-know and a bit hipper after reading the Cassandra Report. The things I learn and share with my team and colleagues across Microsoft get us thinking about our marketing in completely new ways. In short, it’s insider information that we wouldn’t, and couldn’t, find anywhere else. And because of this, we’ve continually expanded our relationship over the three years I’ve been at Microsoft. Best of all, the insights alert us to new opportunities and partnerships. The Cassandra Report has my highest recommendation.

Dave Holloway, Director of Brand Strategy, Windows and Devices

Our daily jobs have all to do with innovation and content production for Gen Y and Z, so we are always looking for the best information and analysis about their preferences, interests and expectations, and there is no study as complete and insightful as the Cassandra Report.

Guillermo Roman, Marketing Director General

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