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We empower Fortune 500 companies to see the future through trend forecasting, research, strategy, and marketing services that drive consumer product and content innovation.

As the leading ongoing study of emerging trends, generational insights, and youth behavior for two decades, Cassandra is the foremost authority on Millennials and Gen Z.

Products and Services


These thematic studies of large cultural shifts are identified and articulated quarterly.

Trends and real-world cases

Rich with thousands of real-world examples, trends and brand cases are catalogued daily.


Cassandra stats provide the quantitative support to shed light on the changing lives of young consumers.


Broadcast quarterly, a Cassandra strategist explains and puts into context the latest learning from Cassandra.


Young consumers share personal stories, anecdotes, preferences and needs on camera in their own words.

Live Presentations

Insights presentations inform, excite, and motivate. By request, offered for clients only.

Data and Methodology

Cultural Analysis

New trends are published daily, hundreds catalogued every year.

Quantitative Research

Nationally representative study of over 2,000 consumers and 600 Trendsetters ages 14 to 34 in the U.S. and UK.

Qualitative Research

Focus groups and in-depth qualitative studies among Millennial and Teen Z Trendsetters.

Trendsetter Community

Consult our invite-only community of 5,000 young Trendsetters.

Latest Report

The SHOP Report

A deep dive into young consumers' habits and attitudes around the future of retail, shopping, and spending.

Modern youth prioritize spending on food and beverages and have elevated it above other consumer categories because it’s an accessible way to collect share-worthy experiences. More than 80% of U.S. and UK youth spend what they classify as “a lot of money” on food and beverages. 
Sample TasteMakers.

Young consumers believe that brands can and should cut off customers who go against a company’s values of inclusion or civil rights; 43% of U.S. youth and 38% of UK youth believe: 
The Customer Isn’t Always Right.

Gen Ys are embracing transparency as it pertains to personal spending, which is influencing their purchasing decisions. More than half of Trendsetters (54% in the U.S. and 62% in the UK) identify more as spenders than savers. 
View Public Funds.

Youth are enjoying the cyclical, personal nature of the modern resale economy, presenting significant opportunity for brands to extend the life of products. Nearly half of UK youth and 39% of U.S. youth have bought and/or sold used items through an online resale platform in the past year. 
Engage in weCommerce.

Client Testimonials

The Cassandra Report is a must-have resource if you're interested in influential youth as an audience to win. In addition to rich quantitative data insights, they uncover the cultural trends, attitudes, and lifestyles of Millennials and Gen Z. It's a critical tool to have in your kit as a marketer.

Justin Oliver

Product Marketing Manager, Google

The Cassandra Report is an invaluable asset to our consumer research team. We use it to supplement our understanding of our consumer segments – it provides us with rich, personal insights into the lives of young consumers that we can’t get from a singular primary research study. The reports also highlight macrotrends emerging with Gen Z/Y and provide helpful examples of how companies across industries are embracing these trends in their marketing. All these elements help spark new ideas and improve our approach to engaging with young consumers.

Meghan Pelley

Marketing Research Manager, Customer & Market Research, Microsoft

The Cassandra Report has become one of our most interesting and assertive tools to define long run strategies to attract the attention of the younger generations, as well as marketing projects for brands or content ideas for Televisa's platforms.

Tania Esparza

Director of ARCA, Televisa

Our daily jobs have all to do with innovation and content production for Gen Y and Z, so we are always looking for the best information and analysis about their preferences, interests and expectations, and there is no study as complete and insightful as the Cassandra Report.

Guillermo Roman

Marketing Director General, Televisa

I always feel smarter, more in-the-know and a bit hipper after reading the Cassandra Report. The things I learn and share with my team and colleagues across Microsoft get us thinking about our marketing in completely new ways. In short, it’s insider information that we wouldn’t, and couldn’t, find anywhere else. And because of this, we’ve continually expanded our relationship over the three years I’ve been at Microsoft. Best of all, the insights alert us to new opportunities and partnerships. The Cassandra Report has my highest recommendation.

Dave Holloway

Director of Brand Strategy, Windows and Devices, Microsoft

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