The Ultimate Summer Sips

Tequila Cocktails, Vodka Treats, and Bubble-Free Refreshers!

Summer is a time of lively gatherings, and what better way to complement the season’s vibrant energy than with a lineup of refreshing drinks? Last summer we saw spritzes soar in popularity which got us thinking - what will this year’s summer drink be? From ready to drink canned beverages to refreshing cocktails, today we are exploring the drinks of the summer. Cheers!


According to mixologists and drink experts, the batanga is emerging as the drink of the summer. Driven by tequila’s popularity, the cocktail provides an alternative for those looking to expand beyond margaritas. The batanga is a simple mix of tequila, cola, fresh lime juice, a pinch of salt and served in a salt-rimmed glass. Beau du Bois, the vice president of bar and spirits at the family-owned restaurant group, Puesto, says the batanga is a great addition to the plethora of popular and classic tequila cocktails. "Despite being the second most popular spirit in the United States, we're still discovering tequila's versatility beyond the margarita and paloma,” said du Bois.


Surfside, offers vodka-based hard tea and lemonade drinks crafted by the Pennsylvania vodka company Stateside. The company became the official RTD vodka iced tea of the Philadelphia Phillies, helping boost awareness of the brand. Surfside is now available in 48 states, a significant leap from just 20 at the year’s start. Baseball fans can find Surfside while cheering for the Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Guardians, Atlanta Braves, Pittsburgh Pirates, or enjoying the action of Minor League Baseball, as the official RTD Vodka Iced Tea and Vodka Lemonade.


There is no shortage of bubbly alcoholic seltzers, but carbonation is not for everyone. Consumers have even resorted to methods such as using a milk frother to de-bubble their beverages. But now they can skip the hard work and grab a Happy Thursday instead. The spiked refresher marks Molson Coors’ entrance in the category and comes in flavors such as Pineapple Starfruit and Black Cherry.