Are you Registered?

Gen Zs Working to Get Out the Gen Z Vote

For many, the November election still seems a long time away (despite the fact that just yesterday, the two leading presidential candidates agreed to debate each other this summer). But that’s not stopping many Gen Zs who are already working hard to encourage their own cohort to get registered to vote. Below, we highlight a few Gen Z organizations that are getting Gen Zs to register.


Vote of Teens in Elections, or VOTE, was started by two students at The Bronx High School of Science who are passionate about politics and American history. Seeing the potential in their own school’s voter drive, they were inspired to expand into other NYC high schools and reach broader audiences. VOTE is a student-led citywide mission to register NYC High School Students to vote in the critical 2024 election. VOTE has expanded thus far to 7 private and public high schools in New York.


Founded in 2017, Generation Vote was designed to mobilize and connect college students to progressive candidates running for local offices. They soon realized, however, that it was critical to make sure that young people could access polling sites and be registered to vote. The organization states, “we are the youngest youngest and largest intersectional generation building a new movement of youth voting rights warriors committed to defending and expanding the right to vote for young people.”


Launched in April, the Youth Civic Hub offers high-school-aged New Yorkers and other young people resources and information about elections, community events, and opportunities — both volunteer and paid — with local community and civic organizations across the city. This digital platform started after a group of young people made it a priority to increase communication about how to participate in the city’s civic sphere.