Celebrating Fatherhood

Heartwarming Father’s Day Campaigns from Top Brands

On Sunday, many will celebrate Father’s Day, a special occasion that allows us to honor the incredible father-figures who play pivotal roles in our lives. Brands worldwide seize this opportunity to create heartwarming campaigns that celebrate fatherhood, love, and care. Today, we’ll explore the creative Father’s Day campaigns we noticed this year:


Dove Men+Care’s campaign, titled “Care Makes a Dad,” emphasizes the nurturing and emotional support side of fatherhood. The video features touching stories of kids and the connection they share with father figures in their lives. "We're thrilled to bring attention to the unsung heroes of Father's Day. There are children with father figures in their lives who mean the world to them, show up for them, support them. These men exemplify care. We wanted to give these men a round of applause – even if they didn't ask for one," said Alejandro Fiecconi, Global Head of Brand for Dove Men+Care at Unilever. On June 14th, the brand will also be hosting a Celebrate ALL Father Figures event in New York City, where anyone can gather and make memories with the father figures in their life.


Robyn DelMonte, @Girlbosstown, uses her TikTok to pitch marketing ideas to brands and captured luggage brand Béis’ attention with her “airport dad” idea. After seeing the creator’s marketing idea for their brand, Béis reached out to DelMonte and later decided to use the idea in their first Father’s Day campaign. DelMonte was inspired by people sharing stories of the “airport dad” on social media, highlighting characteristics like arriving way too early to the airport or being super organized. “I was like, ‘Wait, the airport dad needs better PR,’ because these are all really positive traits that people love in any other setting. They needed a makeover.” DelMonte said.


This Father’s Day, Walmart is pushing back on negative stereotypes of Black fathers, who have been portrayed as absent or uninvolved. Walmart, in partnership with Chicago-based agency Contender, created a film highlighting Black fathers who are super-dads. Titled “The League of Black and Unlimited Dads”, the film shows how dads juggle work, life, and parenting, dropping everything to support their children. Alongside the release of the film, Walmart added a section on its website to highlight products made by Black dads and other Black creators.