Let’s Play

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Today, May 1, kicks off Mental Health Awareness Month. While Mental Health Awareness Month goes back as far as 1949, the month has garnered more attention in the past few years, in many cases driven by youth who are de-stigmitizing conversations around mental wellbeing. Our latest Cassandra Report, Let's Play!, takes a look at how youth are seeking joy and connection, even against a backdrop of a world that feels increasingly fractious. Below, we share a few marketplace examples from this report.


Snapchat ‘s most recent campaign highlights the importance of real connections with others, over more “friends” on social media. Snap dubs itself a camera company since “Snapchat opens to a camera, and not a feed of content, so we can share our perspective easily with those who matter most to us.” With this ad we see a push for creating further, unfettered, and genuine connections with others that lead to joy and happiness.


Scrabble Together was released in Europe earlier this month as a less intimidating version of the game that launched nearly 75 years ago. The team at Scrabble set out to create a more inclusive game that would bring people together. While the game has not yet been released in the U.S., Gen Z has particularly raised interest in this type of game, and will be interesting to see if the U.S. side of the Scrabble team give in to demands and introduce this new version across the pond.


The Boys and Girls Club of America 2024 campaigns highlight local partners of the Boys and Girls Club of America and the opportunities they provide for youth to empower the next generation. These campaigns lean into the importance of real life connections and the joy and growth that they can provide young people.

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