Revolutionizing Eyewear

The Cutting-Edge Tech Transforming Sunglasses

Sunglasses have evolved beyond their original purpose of just eye protection with the arrival of new technology and smart glasses. These developments have transformed eyewear from stylish accessories to state-of-the-art innovations. Today, we’ll dive into the fascinating advancements within the sunglasses industry.


Incorporating smart technology into sunglasses provides consumers with another option for wearable tech. Similar to smart watches, this innovative eyewear usually features Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the users’ smartphones and other smart devices, enabling hands free calling and music playback. Other features may include fitness tracking, health monitoring and GPS capabilities. Ray Ban’s Meta Sunglasses have a camera so wearers can snap photos of what they are seeing or share what they are seeing with others on a video call.


Another innovation in the eyewear space is the availability of AR sunglasses. This provides wearers with “a dynamic and interactive experience that goes beyond traditional lens functionality.” AR sunglasses provide navigation support, giving directions or information directly in front of the wearer without having to look at a separate screen. Immersive gaming experiences is another capability of AR glasses. For those looking to up their eyewear, they can check out RayNeo’s X2 AI AR Glasses. These innovative lenses feature smart navigation and a smart assistant that can support calling and messaging, photo and video and music playback.


3D printed sunglasses are creating more opportunities for personalization in the eyewear space. These creations are crafted using state-of-the-art 3D printing methods, resulting in lightweight frames that can be customized to individual wearers. Brands like Mykita, headquartered in Berlin, are leading the way for 3D printing technology. Their 3D printed glasses are not only chic but also lightweight and durable thanks to their innovative and award-winning material innovation MYLON®.