Prom Season

Dancing Through Trends, Sustainability, and Style Evolution

Prom season is upon us! It’s a rite of passage and a chance to create memories that will last through the years. From choosing a flawless outfit to practicing your picture-perfect pose, prom is a whirlwind of anticipation, nerves, and excitement. So, slip on those dancing shoes, and let’s dive into this year’s prom trends:


Elk Rapids, Michigan high school senior Kaylee Lemmien visited a local shop, the Tinker Tailor, to browse dresses for her prom day. However, these dresses weren’t new; they were secondhand. The initiative, called Sustainable Style, was created in hopes that these donated items could be re-worn at Elk Rapids High School’s prom. The project takes a stand against fast fashion and encourages sustainable fashion choices. Other high school students across the country have addressed the fast fashion issue and advocated for change through efforts like a carbon-neutral prom organized by a New York high school and clothing drives.


The internet is buzzing in reaction to this year’s prom dress trend – wearing dresses suitable for Easter or a brunch event rather than a more “traditional” prom dress. For some prom-goers, super formal dresses are out while more relaxed and casual styles are in. Critics argue the attire is too casual for such a special event, but others feel it’s an opportunity to reimagine traditional dress codes and embrace new styles. On TikTok, supporters are defending the trend by showing off their own Easter dresses for prom or saying they are not into the "real" prom look.


Fashion retailers have also been prepping for prom season. JCPenney, for instance, launched a new prom collection in collaboration with celebrity costume designer Johnny Wujek. The collection features “gowns with removable straps, jackets with zip-off tails and colorful, patterned suits,” with prices for a variety of budgets ranging from $59 to $250. Meanwhile, Lulu’s is making prom a “major focus” according to Laura Deady, its chief merchandising officer. The brand is expanding to include trendy pieces such as dresses with structured corsets.