Celebrating All Moms

Tributes, TikTok Debates, and Giving the Gift of "Me Time" This Mother's Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, hearts swell with appreciation for the incredible women who have shaped our lives in countless ways. Yet, in the midst of the celebrations, debates stir and we should remember there is more to mom than being a mom.


A debate on TIkTok has surfaced - should we celebrate young mothers “in the trenches” on Mother’s Day or should we celebrate more mature moms, mother-in-laws, grandmothers? As you can imagine, both sides have piped up. Younger moms feel like they need a day of acknowledgement as each day they are in the thick of mothering, while older moms have earned the accolades after years of devoting themselves to their kids, despite not being as needed now. Is there room for all the moms to be honored?


Flowers are a fan favorite for Mother’s Day gifts. In fact, Big Village notes that 54% of Americans plan to buy mom flowers this year. Telefora wants their customers to remember that the mom they are buying flowers for was someone before she was their mom. A recent campaign “MotHER: A Teleflora Love Story” takes user-generated content from Teleflora employees’ mothers before they became moms to call out all the impressive and distinctive attributes of moms before they were moms.


What do mom’s want for Mother’s day? 41% of moms with 4-6 year olds are looking for some time to themselves - maybe we can give them a break from mom math too. What is mom math? Riding on the coattails of girl math, mom math applies subtraction of hours or minutes to the complex timeline of micro decisions moms need to calculate daily in order for their family to do almost anything. To get to school by 8am, kids need to be up by 7am, eating breakfast by 7:15am, dressed and teeth brushed at 7:40, and in the car by 7:50am. This all contributes to the significant mental load that “moming” requires. Let’s give her a break and do the calculations for her - at least for Sunday!

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