Revolutionize Your Travel Game

The Coolest Smart Luggage Trends of Summer 2024!

Hey there, fellow travelers! It is summer! As we pack in another exciting season of adventures, we've been checking out some of the coolest innovations in luggage and travel trends. Let me tell you, the future of travel is looking pretty wild!


First up, have you heard about the Airwheel SE3S? This isn't your grandma's suitcase, folks. It's a smart, rideable electric luggage that can zip you through the airport at up to 13 km/h. Imagine cruising past all those poor souls dragging their boring old roller bags. Plus, it's got a 20L capacity and can charge your devices on the go. Talk about traveling in style!


But wait, there's more! If you thought the Airwheel was cool, let me introduce you to the Modobag. This bad boy is the world's first motorized, smart, and connected carry-on. It can get you to your gate up to three times faster than walking. And get this - it was invented by a Chicago entrepreneur who got the idea while watching kids ride on his suitcase at the airport. Now that's what we call inspiration!


Lastly, let's talk about another innovative luggage item that's making waves this year: the Away The Bigger Carry-On Flex. This smart luggage piece is designed with a durable polycarbonate shell and features a built-in compression system to maximize packing space. It also includes a removable battery for charging your devices, making it perfect for tech-savvy travelers who need to stay connected on the go.

So, whether you're zipping through the airport on your motorized luggage or seeking out off-the-beaten-path experiences, summer 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting time for travel. What do you think about these innovations? Are you ready to trade in your old suitcase for a rideable one?