Gearing up for Summer Travel

From Quiet Escapes to Vibrant Events

As summer approaches, wanderlust is in the air. There’s no shortage of possibilities for a getaway and travelers are seeking a variety of experiences from thrilling adventures to quiet solo trips. Let’s dive into the travel trends that will shape this year’s warm weather escapades:


According to Pinterest’s Summer 2024 Travel Report, while some travelers continue to seek adventures others are looking for quieter, more relaxed trips. Among Pinterest users, searches for “quiet places” and “calm places” increased by 50% and 42% respectively in 2023. In an ever-connected world, travelers are looking for a chance to disconnect and visit nature destinations that provide opportunities for a digital-detox. Among the trending “quiet life” destinations are Okinawa, Japan and the English Countryside, according to Pinterest’s report.


Cities hosting major sporting events this summer are trending according to Airbnb. As the Olympic Games in Paris approach, Airbnb says Paris is the most searched city for the summer. Since the event will be hosted throughout France, other locations such as Lille, Versailles, and Lyon are also trending. In June, the European Football Championships will be held in 10 different cities in Germany and three of these cities are trending destinations for travel this summer.


Vibes are a priority for travelers when making travel plans according to Expedia Group’s travel trend report “Unpack ‘24”. While location and amenities also remain top priorities, the ambience of a hotel increasingly matters. On the Hotels.com app, reviews mentioning the word “vibe” increased 1,090% in 2023 from 2022, according to the report. Additionally, Christine Hudson, Expedia’s head of public relations in the U.S. said that searches for “what’s the vibe” related to travel have increased significantly since the pandemic started.