Feasting on Innovation

How New Food Brands are Revolutionizing Our Plates and the Planet

In a world where the culinary landscape and food trends are constantly evolving, innovative food companies are revolutionizing how we think about and consume our snacks and meals. These trailblazers are combining cutting-edge ideas with sustainable practices to create a future where food is not only delicious but also kinder to our planet. Join us as we meet the visionary enterprises that are feeding our appetites with their groundbreaking approaches:


After seeing the tinned fish craze on TikTok, it’s no surprise that the canned seafood brand, Scout, is considered among Fast Company’s most innovative companies for 2024. Scout distinguishes itself from competitors by sourcing exclusively from North American fisheries. The brand’s canned mussels have been extremely popular, as well as their trout products, which is fished more sustainably compared to other popular seafood products such as salmon, tuna or shrimp. Scout has also reacted to a consumer desire for convenient snacks with their grab and go seafood kits which launched in March 2023 and often sell out.


Uncrustables are having a moment. J.M Smucker’s ability to reinvigorate a 25-year-old product was recognized by Fast Company, placing them on their most innovative companies list. Part of this revival has been due to pop culture moments – Drake ate one on stage at a concert last summer and football’s favorite siblings, the Kelce brothers, gave the snack a nod on their podcast. Even as production for the lunch time favorite has ramped up over the years (they produced 1 million per day in 2015, 3 million by 2022, and almost 5 million last year) the company admits they struggle to keep up with demand. The company has invested into perfecting the product, acquiring proprietary equipment and a “special rounded loaf shape.” Smucker is staying ahead of the game by experimenting with savory versions as well as refrigerated Uncrustables.


Alec’s Ice Cream earned a spot on Fast Company’s list for its groundbreaking approach to dairy. The company stands out for its commitment to using A2 milk, which is easier on the stomach and better for those with dairy sensitivities. This choice makes Alec’s Ice Cream an ideal alternative for the millions of Americans who have dairy sensitivities. But the brand’s innovation doesn’t stop there; it’s also the first regenerative organic option available in stores in the U.S. The brand sources its sugar from the first regenerative organic producer, Native Green Cane Project, while its milk comes from the first Certified Regenerative dairy in the U.S., Alexandre Family Farm. Alec’s Ice Cream is not just a treat for the taste buds (and dairy sensitive stomachs!) but also a champion for the environment and sustainable agriculture.