Laugh it Out!

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“Realistic”, “Unscripted” and “Current”. These are all the words that Cassandra’s Trendsetters use to describe the type of comedy that they prefer. Our latest Cassandra Report, Laugh it Out, takes a look at the role that comedy plays in the lives of young people today. Most notably, comedy helps young people today feel joy - and this is a theme that we at Cassandra have explored throughout 2024. It turns out that seeking joy is a key motivator behind the discovery of new products and brands. Joy is what young people are increasingly seeking when they socialize and engage in play. And, it is why they seek out comedy. As one of our Trendsetters recently told Cassandra, “I think laughing with others is a great way to bond with [others]. There’s something about letting your guard down and laughing together that just brings you closer” (Christina, 31, VA). Below, we share a few examples from our report on comedy of brands and people leveraging humor to reach others.


The 6 minute, long-form video nod to The Office, focuses on Rainn’s launch of his new business venture - Sleep With Rainn. To help with the launch, Rainn has enlisted a crew of familiar faces to help get things off the ground - former co-stars Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery and Brian Baumgartner. The ad feeds into young people's favorite types of comedy - old sitcoms. This swerve toward nostalgia is looking to capitalize on views that can’t get enough of the humor that Rainn and the entire cast bring to the camera.


Iliza Shlesinger award-winning comedian, actor, writer, producer, and author, recently made a viral debut calling out Gen Z to unite with Millennials. As she says “Millennials walked on Instagram, so you could run on TikTok.” She asks Gen Z to take it easy on Millennials, noting all of the challenges they have gone through growing up in a time before the internet to now never being able to afford a home, and apparently inventing avocado toast. She goes into detail about the struggle, not only Millennials have but that “we are all in the comment section together”, and is hoping these two generations can bridge the gap, rather than continue to call out the middle part that separates them.


Liquid Death has set out to make fun of the Pepsi fiasco when they promised a jet grand prize in the 90’s, is now promising to give away an actual Aero L-39C Albatros fighter jet dubbed ‘The Dehydrator’. Each can purchased (up to 400) is an entry into the coveted promotion - fans have until September 4th to enter the sweepstakes and win the flight of a lifetime. Liquid Death took poking fun of Millennials to a whole new level for the sake of Gen Z entertainment, and with a skyhigh prize to boot. Who’s ready to go Mach 1?