The Financial Update

Cassandra’s Latest Report is Available to Members!

Our latest Cassandra Report, The Financial Update, contains our most recent data on how both Gen Zs and Millennials are navigating today’s macroeconomic landscape. How much of a concern is inflation? What are the top priorities for Gen Z when it comes to their money right now? How are the attitudes of Gen Zs and Millennials different or the same? This report answers these questions, and more. In addition, our report highlights a few of the brands and campaigns doing interesting things in the space. Below are a few that we highlight.


Dubbed “The debit card that teaches smart spending”, Greenlight is an all in one app designed to promote financial education, money management and family safety. When children make purchases on the debit card, they can earn up to 1% cash back that goes to their savings.


Discover bank has been partnering with Gen Z icon, Jennifer Coolidge for well over a year now. Their recently launched cash-back program for debit cards, builds upon their cash-back credit programs through adding a new incentive for those who are used to making purchases via debit cards.


Homey is a chore management app that focuses on helping establish the difference between responsibilities and work, allowing parents the ability to sync bank accounts to transfer money. Families can access Basic Homey for free and can set daily, weekly and monthly chores for family members, manage allowance and other funds, transfer funds, set up “jars” for savings goals and add or deduct funds from wallets.