Electrifying the Future

The Rise of EVs, Charging Solutions, and a MrBeast Giveaway!

Twenty-seven percent of all Americans say they have considered purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle. Automotive manufacturers continue to invest heavily in research and development, expanding the market with a variety of models to suit different needs and budgets. However, there are also barriers to the adoption of EV’s for consumers, most notably price and concerns over charging and battery life. Today, join us as we explore the latest in the EV world:


GM announced they would stop making their Chevrolet Malibu, the company’s last mid-size car, as they focus more on electric vehicles. The industry has experienced a decline in mid-size vehicles in favor of SUVs and trucks. GM’s factory in Kansas City will stop making the Malibu in November and the Cadillac XT4 in January. The plant will instead receive $390 million to build an updated version of the Chevrolet Bolt electric car.


To help combat issues of charger reliability, Rivian is releasing a software update that will help drivers of their vehicles identify which chargers they should or should not use. The company will “use their vehicle fleet to gather data about broken chargers, which then get down ranked in the company’s software algorithm.” When using their vehicle’s navigation to find a charger, drivers will see a grade attached to the chargers – “A” meaning the charger is in good condition while “F” means it is not. While charging is still a challenge for EV owners or prospective owners, Rivian is playing its part in helping alleviate some of the pain points.


MrBeast is giving the opportunity for 26 of his followers to win an electric vehicle of their own. Why the generous giveaway? For the YouTuber’s 26th birthday, he is giving away 26 Teslas, one being a Cybertruck. To win, you must be following MrBeast on Instagram, like the giveaway post and tag 2 friends in the comments of the post.