Intro — Let's Play!

Let's Play!

As Cassandra began to explore in our March Joy of Discovery report, Gen Zs have a newfound focus on all things happiness. We learned that for young people today, innovation is increasingly about finding - and bringing - joy into their lives. This month, we take a look at how the generations are creating joy.

Whether it be through mindfulness or seeking out in-person experiences, youth are looking for ways in which to create happiness in their lives in an environment that is many times stressful and fraught with conflict. This report also examines the concept of “play” - what does this mean to youth today, how do they do it and where does it fit within their lives?

Take a Guess!

Throughout the deck we bring your quiz playing skills to the forefront - see if you can answer each question correctly, and answers will be shared throughout. This is your time to up your knowledge base of Gen Z as it relates to their preferences.