Intro — Fact or (Science) Fiction? — What's Real in the Metaverse?

Fact or (Science) Fiction? — What's Real in the Metaverse?

In this month's Fact or (Science) Fiction report, Cassandra slips on a next-gen headset and ventures into uncharted worlds to immerse ourselves in how technology has woven its way into the many aspects of youth’s life and how it will continue to do so. Make no mistake, while still in its infancy, the metaverse - like our physical universe - continues to expand and is doing so at a blistering pace. Big tech companies have gone all in with a laser focus on innovations with the potential to change how we live our lives completely. Our realities are being reshaped and shifted with emerging technologies.

Whether they realize it or not and call it by its name, Youth are already living in the metaverse. They’ve found comfort and excitement in replicating routines, interests, and obsessions in digital worlds: from choosing outfits for their avatars to wear; to zoning digital land and constructing virtual homes to attending a virtual concert of their favorite artist, as their habits evolve, so too will the metaverse. And vice versa, outgrowing the boundaries of what once was and triggering a new era of digital exploration and innovation.

In this report, without the worry of being rebooted, disconnected, or even reset, we explore: What exactly is the metaverse? Who’s creating, building, and innovating to change the face of technology as we know it? What do our younger cohorts really think about these new and emerging technologies, and how are they adopting them? And what may they not fully grasp about the metaverse yet? And, as we progress into the metaverse, will virtual influencers replace our favorite celebrities and creators?

Join us as Cassandra sorts through all the information and misinformation out there and determines what is fact and what is (science) fiction when it comes to the vast, vague, and rapidly evolving possibilities powering the immersive world of technology and the metaverse.