Intro — The Eras of Shared Fandom

The Eras of Shared Fandom

In the face of mounting responsibilities and the fading dream of a belated Hogwarts letter, Millennials, often playfully criticized for their adulting' struggles, have refused to leave behind their youthful passions that brought them so much joy.

This 'extended adolescencephenomenon is a rebellion against traditional notions of adulthood in which Millennial parents are disrupting generational patterns by prioritizing mental well-being and embracing happier moments, with kidulting becoming a reassuring sanctuary for them alongside their Alpha child(ren).

Millennials comfortably discuss the intricacies of different Pokémon gens in the same breath they philosophize on Harry Styles's new haircut – all within the realm of fandom, and in the year of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2023, it’s most certainly gone into overdrive.

Engaging with fandom aids in understanding the world, finding our Kenergy, and ultimately contributing to a sense of community that is ever more meaningful today. Whether passing down, transferring up, or discovering together, people of all ages join fandoms to fulfill their need for connection, and these diverse fandoms, spanning music, video games, sci-fi and fantasy, streetwear and sneakers, and professional sports, cater to different facets of identity and enjoyment, even providing safe spaces for parents to communicate in a leveled field with their kids about topics that could be harder to digest in another format.

In fact, today's fans make it a family affair and actively contribute to their chosen fandoms, creating fan art, crafting fanfiction, participating in cosplay, and generating memes. And let's be honest, in today’s tempestuous times, any activity that sparks creativity, fosters self-expression, and builds a sense of community has the potential to uplift spirits across generations.

Therefore, may the force be with you, as it's dangerous to go alone! Take this month's Cassandra’s shared fandom report, as we’ve gotta catch 'em all! So, at every table, I’ll save you a seat as the wand chooses the wizard where Avengers assemble to live long and prosper.