Custom Research and Consulting

Our bespoke research and consulting service helps clients meet the challenge of engaging young consumers within their specific category or business. Customized solutions can take many shapes and sizes, but each is tailored to a client’s specific goals, whether in the realm of consumer strategy, launch campaigns, retail and distribution strategies, media content creation, marketing campaign development, or advertising sales support.

In all cases, solutions are informed by our ongoing Cassandra Report research and a rigorous methodology designed to provide real solutions to real business challenges.

Our Custom Research Process

  • Strategy
    • Immersion in clients’ business, culture, and competitive landscape, in order to identify and help prioritize critical strategic goals.
  • Research
    • Comprehensive custom research programs utilizing leading quantitative and qualitative technology to derive relevant and precise insights through the lens of the client’s critical business needs.
  • Planning
    • Synthesis of immersion, insights, and legacy generational expertise to formulate concepts and recommend breakthrough activations.