A Trendsetter Network at Your Fingertip

The Cassandra Collective is our exclusive, always-on, online community of passionate Millennials and Gen Zs. The Cassandra Collective is bespoke to individual clients who desire access to articulate, unique individuals who are influencers and thought leaders.

Participants are selected for their willingness to share their candid, considered, and deep feelings and perceptions. This is a geographically- and demographically-diverse group housed in one place, which makes insights collection seamless, representative, and cost-effective.

This turnkey, qualitative exploration allows clients to pose their own questions or activities to Trendsetting youth members of the Cassandra Collective. Each activity is a series of 3-4 open ended questions or “tasks.” Tasks can enable our collective to create content for your learning such as video or a collage.

See the Cassandra Collective in Action