The Big Pivot: Gen Zs, Gen Alphas and What’s Next — Cassandra Sessions 2022

In June, Cassandra issued our first report on the next generation to follow Gen Z - Gen Alpha. Or, as we are calling them, Generation Infinite. With the oldest Gen Alpha’s born the same year as the iPad (2010), this generation has already experienced and will continue to see technological and scientific breakthroughs earlier generations could only imagine. But they are also experiencing a world that often feels like it's on the edge of social, political, and environmental collapse.

So how are they different...

During our 2022 Cassandra Sessions event, we explored the big pivot to understand the next generation, understand how they themselves are pivoting to adjust to the changing world around them, and help you learn how to pivot your business to best address their needs.

Watch the event recording to see:

  • Keynote presentation from Vanessa Kroll Bennett, the co-host of The Puberty Podcast and the President of Content at Order of Magnitude.
  • Who is Gen Alpha? The Latest Findings from Cassandra’s Research (Members only)
  • Our Cassandra Youth Trendsetter Panel
  • Choice & Voices: Purchasing Power & Intergenerational Influence from the Cassandra team (Members only)
  • Client Panel: Views from the Field of the Pivot in Action (Members only)

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