Don't Look Back: Cassandra Sessions 2021

With all that Gen Zs have gone through in the past year alone, this generation is rethinking literally everything. They are reevaluating their priorities, deciding what to keep and what to let go, and moving through their lives with new intention.

And this will impact everything.

During our 2021 Cassandra Sessions event, we explored the impact of the past year on Gen Zs and Millennials and what we expect to see in the year ahead. Watch the event recording to see:

  • A keynote presentation from Soyoung Kang, CMO at eos
  • The latest insights from the Cassandra team (Members only)
  • Our Gen Z Visionary Panel
  • Our Gen Z Trendsetter Panel (Members only)
  • An extended trailer of I Am Gen Z, a new documentary from director Liz Smith
  • A sneak peak into the next generation: Gen Alpha

While we've made some of the event public, you can gain access to the latest insights in youth culture by becoming a Cassandra member now! Contact to get started.

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If you'd like to engage with our Visionaries, Liz Smith, or eos, we've shared their social handles below, so you can keep the conversation going!