Infinite Challenges - Infinite Possibilities. Cassandra’s Generation Alpha Report is here!

We’ve been calling them Generation Infinite. The next generational cohort coming up after Gen Zs, who today are roughly 12 and under – is facing a world that is infinitely harder than the one their parents grew up in but also one in which they see infinite possibilities. The market has already been calling them Gen Alpha, but we at Cassandra see them as so much more than simply the next generation of youth. And, we’ve been doing our research to understand the emerging values, attitudes and behaviors that are beginning to define this cohort and will impact culture, society and your business sooner than you might think.

Report Preview

Gen Alpha: Generation Infinite is the culmination of research Cassandra conducted this spring among children, their parents and early childhood experts. We fielded a proprietary quantitative survey among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 US parents of Gen Alphas, and 700 older Gen Alphas (7-12 years old) along with in-depth interviews with youth experts, Gen Alpha and Parents focus groups, and Teacher and School Counselor groups. Already available to members of the Cassandra Report®, we are now also making this report available to non-subscribers as a stand-alone deliverable, for US $1,800.

What’s included?

  • A comprehensive report rich with both quantitative and qualitative insights from kids, parents, teachers and early childhood experts
  • Chapters examining the cohort’s attitudes around their own identity and the world around them
  • A preview of the impact of the pandemic on education and their mental health, as well as technology, social media and entertainment
  • A deep dive we in to understanding the current (and emerging) spending power of this new generation
  • New comparisons between Gen Alpha, Gen Zs and Millennials to help marketers better understand this cohort and how they are going to be different

Available Now For Purchase

The report can be downloaded here for $1800. Also available is a on-site presentation exclusively for your organization delivered by one of Cassandra’s generational experts for $3,500 (plus any applicable travel).

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