The Social Status Report

Sex, drugs, and rock & roll no longer define youth’s social lives.

Far from wild, Generations Y and Z are taking a newly mild approach to modern socializing and nightlife. Cultural shifts are inspiring them to choose quality over quantity in their friendships and social interactions, causing them to embrace behaviors and brands that align with their core values and reject those that remain stuck in the past.

As they continue to disrupt the state of socializing both online and off, untapped opportunities are emerging for companies across categories. Now available exclusively for Cassandra Members, The Social Status Report explores how to:

Leverage growing demand for UnWasted Time where they can drink and dine in a mindful manner.

Rethink when and where they socialize as they Seize The Day to supplement—and even replace—nighttime activities.

Identify and enlist the true social influencers impacting their purchasing decisions as they increasingly shop Side Buy Side.

Fuel their quest to Go Big Or Go Home by facilitating share-worthy experiences or helping them decompress for the next big adventure.

Address their desire for products and experiences that let them elevate their everyday attire and Dress To Thrill.

Shift digital strategies to avoid turning social media into Anti-Social Media.

And much more.

Dive into data...

Festival funk? Four in 10 youth think music and food festivals are not as cool as they were a year ago, but seven in 10 Trendsetters are still interested in attending them.

Social reigns supreme; social media is the top way youth want to hear from brands, and their preferred platform is Facebook.

Gift guide: 63% of Trendsetters in the U.S. and 58% in the UK are more likely to give a friend an experience than a physical item.

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The Cassandra Team