The Entertainers Report

Available exclusively for Cassandra members, The Entertainers provides a deep dive into the new ways that Generations Y and Z are both consuming and creating content and the evolving role that brands are playing in the lives of these influential young audiences. As in every report from Cassandra, The Entertainers contains a wealth of macro trends, data, marketplace examples, and strategic marketing implications to help you See Tomorrow™ when it comes to the behaviors and mindsets of young consumers. Highlights include:

Entertainment companies and brands must reconsider their offerings now that youth are adding their own creative lens to content and becoming competitive entertainers in their own right. 

Explore Creating For The Creators.

Companies are eager to experiment with Virtual Reality as a marketing tool, but a more consumer-centric approach is needed before the medium is adopted en masse. 

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Moral messages are fading from media as young consumers enjoy debating issues and exploring moral ambiguity through entertainment. 

Examine Less Is Morality.

Young people are beginning to replace distributors as entertainment programmers, expecting all media platforms, including movie theaters, to deliver content they request on demand. 

Survey Supply & On Demand.

Youth are hungry for diverse—though not merely politically correct—entertainment that reflects the culturally varied society in which they live. 

View Variety Show.

Youth are driving a countertrend in entertainment: they crave familiar content from brands as it relieves the weight of having to discover and immerse themselves in entirely new narratives. 

Review Re-New.

And much, much more.

Other research findings include:

Youth believe that, in the future, all brands will need to have an entertainment component in order to survive (U.S. 65%, UK 59%).

Music is the top form of entertainment youth can’t live without (U.S. 81%, UK 74%).

Youth say behind-the-scenes material is just as interesting as the final entertainment itself (U.S. 72%, UK 64%).

Few young people feel guilty about how much money they spend on entertainment and media (U.S. 20%, UK 18%).

Young audiences like seeing entertainment that reflects real life (U.S. 86%, UK 82%).

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