Game Changers Report

The sports market is projected to reach $73.5 billion by 2019 in North America alone, yet brands are still missing the mark with young generations of fans. Youth are often pinned as losing interest in the category, when, in reality, they are ushering in The Democratization of Sports, breaking down the monopolies in this highly traditional category and revealing huge opportunities for brands.

Available exclusively for Cassandra members, Game Changers equips you with the new playbook for engaging with Millennials and Gen Z around sports fandom today, providing a deep dive into the new ways that young people are changing the game and revolutionizing the industry. As in every report from Cassandra, Game Changers contains a wealth of macro trends, data, marketplace examples, and strategic marketing implications to help you See Tomorrow™ when it comes to the behaviors and mindsets of young consumers. Highlights include:

The sports industry is becoming a key arena for political and social activism, with athletes leading the charge towards change.
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In-game technology and data-driven performance metrics are changing both how sports are played and the way that young people engage in modern fandom. 

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Competitive video gaming is tapping into key generational values, enabling eSports to rival--and potentially outpace--traditional sports.

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Youth are considering sports a key part of the travel experience, with many planning trips around watching and playing games, or aspiring to do so. 

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Fans are growing increasingly interested in the culture surrounding sports, revealing an opportunity for brands to align with the unique lifestyle elements that each league presents. 

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See for yourself:

65% of Trendsetters and half of youth in the U.S. have a more positive world outlook because of sports

50% of U.S. Trendsetters have discovered new brands through sports

56% of U.S. youth and 62% of UK youth say the stories around sports are as interesting as the games and events themselves

78% of youth in the U.S. and 73% in the UK say mental strategy is as valuable as physical strength in sports

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