Gen Z is not the next iteration of Millennials.

These dynamic young consumers control $44 billion in spending power and are already cultural disruptors in their own right. Brands must update their practices to better accommodate Zs’ distinct generational traits, habits, and lifestyles in order to be market leaders today—and remain relevant tomorrow.

Available exclusively for Cassandra members, THE GEN Z EFFECT explores how:

Zs aspire to financial independence and security, and they are inventing novel ways to earn an income. Meet The Monetization Generation.

Zs' vice of choice is gluttony, and they’re using indulgent food and beverages to showcase their creativity and assert their independence. Gorge on Glutton Goals.

Zs are spending a growing share of their social lives on video-based platforms, which have become highly relevant hangouts for their generation. Survey Social Live.

Zs are reimagining online shopping as an entertaining and social experience, not just a way to make purchases. Check out Hi & Buy.

Zs are growing up alongside A.I., preparing them for the jobs of the future but raising concerns over their personal privacy. Review Robot Relations.

Zs are adopting a traditional, conservative approach to life, seeking to mitigate risks and challenges to achieve their version of social progress. Read Risk Management.

Zs are finding it hard to get adequate sleep due to stress from technology and the political and social climate. Observe The Young & The Restless.

You will discover insights into how your brand can employ these trends to engage with Gen Z.


More than half (57% in the UK and 56% in the U.S.) believe a job is just something you do, not who you are.

Six in 10 Zs in the U.S. and UK want to be well off (compared to only one-quarter of Ys).

84% of Zs in the U.S. and UK would rather have a few friends than a large group of friends.

Seven in 10 Zs in the U.S. and UK want to own a car.

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