The Self Made Report

Success is no longer defined by the square footage of a home, a job title, or the balance of a bank account.

For Generations Y and Z, attaining a lifestyle that fits one’s individual definition of happiness is the new standard of success. As they continue to adopt a Self Made mindset and craft a custom approach to home, work, and finances, brands across industries have new opportunities to earn the loyalty of young consumers—and fickle employees—while positioning their company at the forefront of culture.

Now available exclusively for Cassandra Members, The Self Made Report: How Youth Live, Work & Pay explores how to:

Leverage young people’s love of one-of-a-kind, optimized living spaces by giving them ample opportunities for home customization (Personal Property)

Create a sense of community young employees crave through strategic initiatives that promote an elevated university-like experience at work (School of [Work]Life)

Earn consumer loyalty by offering tactical discounts and engaging in negotiation practices now that young people consider prices to be fluid (Asking Price)

Engage in the growing self-care movement by providing new products and services for relaxing and rejuvenating at home (Nesting & Resting)

Foster employee satisfaction by offering flexibility and variety that rival that of the increasingly popular gig economy (The Gig is Up)

Understand how Gen Ys and Zs have radically different views on financial security and how it affects their respective saving and spending habits (The FUND-amentals)

Dive into data...

Financial institutions are ripe for disruption; only 32% of youth trust banks.

The kitchen is cooking; 62% of youth make most of their meals themselves vs. purchasing pre-made food or eating at restaurants.

No collar is the new white collar; 70% of Zs and 66% of Ys say office jobs are less appealing to their generation.

Work is about much more than business today; 58% of youth believe that work culture is becoming like college culture.

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