The Betterment Report

Self-help is a dirty word to today’s young consumers. "Betterment” is the new battle cry.

Generations Y and Z are spending more time and money on personal improvement than ever before. Unlike the self-help of the past, modern betterment is motivated not only by a deep desire for transformation but also by data and digital feedback. The evolution of the quantified self movement has magnified their desire to invest in products and services that track, measure, and control their lives—and brands that make the most of this booming market must act now.


Available exclusively for Cassandra Members, Betterment explores strategies to See Tomorrow and act on youth’s self-improvement state of mind, including how to:

  • Access the Control Center that motivates them to master their lives in response to chaotic cultural upheaval.
  • Leverage The Malevolution that has young men rethinking what it means to be a modern male amid a closing gender gap and new societal shifts.
  • Satiate their appetite for alternative health and wellness solutions as they question Big Pharma and ask, Doctor Who?
  • Indulge in the latest Exertainment experiences that mix physical fitness with interactive media moments.
  • Help them achieve their Personal Best through custom personal care products that leverage data and technology to address their individual goals.
  • Support their campaign to win Best Dressed by elevating their outward style in an extension of their inward betterment efforts.
  • Be a BrandCon thought leader by taking an innovative approach to educational events and activations.

Data Dossier


91% in the U.S. and 89% in the UK say it's important to continually take steps to progress in life.


80% in the U.S. and 78% in the UK spent more money on self-improvement in the past year.


65% in the U.S. and 62% in the UK look to brands to help them become their best selves.


59% in the U.S. and 58% in the UK think social media is making people less smart.

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The Cassandra Team