The Global Culture Forecast

Brands have a crucial role in the cultural conversation, but consumers are writing the rules.

With consumers in control of the popular culture narrative today, it's more important than ever for brands to look for the cultural signals that young people are sending and to incorporate those into their branding and marketing efforts. And as youth themselves have a global outlook, so, too, must brands look beyond the local to international trends to truly know what's new and next. Exploring 16 countries, with insights from 52 in-depth interviews and 9,500 young people surveyed around the world, The Global Culture Forecast paints the picture of what popular culture means to modern youth—and how brands can effectively engage in the cultural conversation.

Available exclusively for Cassandra Members, The Global Culture Forecast explores how brands and businesses can demonstrate their culture savvy and relevance to young people around the world by:

  • Tapping into their Culture First, Country Second mindset that elevates the cultural touch points beyond the region where it was created to a global presence.

  • Discovering why they’re seeking Purposeful Pop that is meaningful and incites change over that which is purely for fun.
  • Learning how to present an Origin Story by distributing content in its original cultural format rather than recreating or adapting it for different cultures.
  • Helping young consumers become fully immersed in popular culture by allowing them to Pop In content and taking a behind-the-scenes role as a brand.
  • Understanding how to adapt to a new era in which brands can only count on consumers for 15 Minutes Of Fandom.

Data Discovery

Making A Difference

69% of young people around the world say popular culture helps society change for the better.

Getting Involved

62% of global youth prefer popular culture that is immersive over that which is passive.

Blurring Boundaries

42% of global youth feel more connected to another country's popular culture than to that of their own country.

Joining The Conversation

66% of global youth feel that brands need to have a popular culture component to be relevant.

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