The Generations Report

Generations don’t exist in their own silos. Future-proofing your brand begins with understanding youth—but it doesn’t stop there. The values that modern young consumers support and the behaviors they engage in have an impact on older generations, too.

The Generations Report is the first of its kind. We applied Cassandra’s cultural expertise across four generations: Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Ys, and Gen Zs. Each generation’s unique makeup defines their expectations of and engagement with brands.

Forget the stereotypes—whether it’s shopping, technology, or everyday stresses, the truth is more complicated than the common perceptions. The way that Boomers, Xers, Ys, and Zs interact, with one another and with brands, is impacted by their formative years and the actions and habits of other generations. Their expectations of brands are based on what they’re used to and on what younger generations have come to demand. Each generation is different, and knowing, understanding, and catering to those differences can set your brand apart in today’s oversaturated marketplace.

Available exclusively for Cassandra Members, The Generations Report explores how brands can attract and engage consumers of all ages. Open it to:

  • Ditch the stereotypes and learn the Tech Truths about each generation
  • Help with Breaking Bad stigmas and contributing to social progress
  • Assist each generation in facing their Fear Factors and addressing their worries and stresses
  • Translate each generation’s Shop Talk into actionable retail practices

And more!

Numbers to Know


U.S. Boomers are the most likely to consider themselves brand loyal (34%), followed closely by Xers (33%), trailed by Ys (29%), and then Zs (23%)


64% of Boomers, 59% of Xers, and 54% of Zs in the U.S. would rather shop in-store; 52% of Ys prefer online shopping


Only 15% of U.S. Boomers and Xers, 22% of Ys, and 23% of Zs think their generation is reflected accurately advertising/marketing


76% of U.S. Boomers and Xers, 66% of Ys, and 73% of Zs think the world is getting worse rather than better

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The Cassandra Team